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Introduction: Congenital lacrimal sac fistula is a rare anomaly of the lacrimal system in which, an epithelium-lined lacrimal tract is connected to the skin through a fistula. In most cases, it usually presents as an asymptomatic unilateral lesion located inferolaterally to the medial canthus. Several studies reported that congenital lacrimal sac fistulas may be associated with systemic anomalies like Down syndrome, renal agenesis and etc. However, in this case we aimed to report a patient with isolated bilateral congenital lacrimal sac fistula and its surgical management.
Case presentation: A previously healthy 17 years old female presented with the complaint of intermittent watery discharge since a few months ago from her left eye. Physical examination revealed a small orifice in the skin at about 4 mm from the medial canthus on the medial side in both eyes without any signs of inflammation, probing and irrigation in the left eye disclosed communication with the puncta and nose. Surgical repair was carried out through fistulectomy which successfully controlled patient’s lacrimation.
Conclusions: Recent advance in surgical techniques have shown better rates of success in relieving the patient’s lacrimation through fistulectomy than the simple excision methods. Our experience with the case presented here demonstrates that this lacrimal system anomaly can be treated successfully by surgical intervention.
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